Hello and welcome to Video Multiverse. Our name has hopefully done some of the heavy lifting in demonstrating the level of geekery you can expect to find here, and given that you have happened upon us, I suspect you are on the nerd rainbow too somewhere. Whatever the colour, you are most welcome. 

We are Matt, Jay, and Stuart, and some of you may know us from Eyes Skyward, a special place we all inherited and kept going for a number of years.

Now, though, we wanted to create something from scratch. Something that reflected our passions, our personalities, but also our friendship.  A friendship that is fifteen years old, and maintained over three continents. I think that’s pretty special, and I hope it will help create a special place.  

What kind of things will you see on Video Multiverse? ES was heavily Superman influenced, and we will continue to cover our friend as necessary. But here we want to broaden our palette. Superman is just as likely to appear as Breaking Bad, or Hamilton. My brief to the team is simple: Write about what you love. Write about it from the heart. If it’s something that could have been written somewhere else? Don’t publish it. Let others cover casting news and hot takes. They are better at it than us, and we never really enjoyed it.  We will never be a big site, but we can be unique. You will find essays of both an analytical and personal nature, reviews, and general ramblings that will all be fuelled by a genuine passion and a specific point of view.

We are a volunteer army, fitting this around busy personal and professional lives. It has to be fun to make, or none of it is worth it. We hope it will be as fun to read. 

We look forward to getting to know you.