EyesSkyward – the future of this special place

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EyesSkyward – the future of this special place

Hello all. You may notice a change to EyesSkwyard. New logo, new design, and a lick of paint. This is part of a soft relaunch we are doing for this place to try and bring us up to date and ramp up the content we produce.

As you know, this has never been the biggest site. It’s run as a labour of love by myself, Jeremias, Stuart, and Kjell. We all have jobs and lives (except Jeremias. I think he’s a drifter or something); it doesn’t make any money and it never will. In the ever changing environment of social media and blogger overload, it has been difficult to see where this site fits. All but the biggest forums have started to close their doors as Twitter becomes the defacto home of online discourse. Increasingly I find myself discovering talented writers who, I feel, do a better job than I ever could. I am old, and tired. What is the point?

Well the point is the community. I have always promised that as long as I have at least few pennies, I would keep the forum’s doors open and provide a safe and inclusive place for nerds to get their geek on.

And the second is fun. When I can find the time I really enjoy writing. I may not be the most prolific, the most talented, or the most insightful, but I am the only one with my point of view. There aren’t hordes of people eager to read it, but there are a handful. It’s a notch up from chalk on the sidewalk and fuck, I will take it.

EyesSkyward is a special place. I have made some truly good friends here. People I have known since the Bluetights days. I am making new friends too (our new writer, Natalia has been a treat). I have been a part of some fantastic discussions and learned from others in a way that other platforms don’t necessarily allow. I am proud of this place and I promise to put more work into it, as much as I can, whenever I can.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for visiting our site, and thank you for visiting our forums.  Our site will continue to evolve but we will always come back to that one over riding philosophy:

People who like liking things, and like liking things together. 

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