JUSTICE LEAGUE Review (spoiler-free)

JUSTICE LEAGUE Review (spoiler-free)

Justice League is a mess.

No, stick with me, seriously.

It’s a mess.

But fuck it, I loved it. The movie completely stole my heart from the very first frame and I never looked back.

To give you some background, I loved Man of Steel when I first saw it, but over time I started becoming more critical of it. I HATE Batman V Superman with a fiery passion matched only by the fires of Apokolips itself. One of my very first memories ever is of me telling a childhood neighbor (a few years my senior) that Captain Planet was the best and he’s like “Dude, no. Superman.” and handing me a Superman comic book which, my mother later tells me, I asked her to teach me to read with (I was 3).

Back to Justice League, though. Let’s get the sticky stuff out of the way first: the movie has tonal issues. You can definitely tell what’s early Snyder, what’s course-corrected Snyder and what’s… not Snyder. It’s evident. The pacing is wonky, the thematic work is muddled and the characters lack a clear and satisfying individual arc, for the most part. And then there’s Steppenwolf. Jesus. That guy is the worst. The film also suffers a bit from some spotty CGI that prevents some action sequences to live up to its full potential, but to be honest, I was having way too much fun to care.

BECAUSE JUSTICE LEAGUE IS SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS. The characters feel like characters from the comic books. Okay, okay, so, Barry is more Bart than Barry. Accept that from the get-go and you’re in for a treat, because Ezra Miller does a fantastic job with him. I was also surprised by Ray Fisher, whose Cyborg is sulky, but never self-pitying, and turns in a very solid performance. Aquaman is… bleh. Just Jason Momoa playing Jason Momoa with a trident. I do feel this movie is a step backwards when it comes to Diana, though. There are a few great moments, but they still keep a stupid plotline from BvS that does a disservice to the character.

Batman is great. This is my favorite live action Batman now. Affleck holds the movie together with ease, playing a version of Bruce riddled with guilt, but also inspired and hopeful for the future.

So that’s it, folks. Remember to stay after the credits and have fun! We’ll be waiting for your thoughts in our Justice League thread.




Yeah, right.

THEY GAVE US SUPERMAN. FINALLY. SUPERMAN. This is the real thing. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I fist-pumped and jumped from my seat, and it was all because of Superman. I couldn’t ask for anything more out of a movie.

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