MAN OF STEEL – Non-Spoiler Review by Jay

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Ugh, where to start, right?

Well, Man of Steel is great. Let’s get that out of the way. They got it right. They cast it right, they scored it right, designed it right, shot it right. There are some minor issues in the film and they come from the writing. A couple of characters are off and that results in a few moments in the film that I guess will be problematic for any Superman fan, but overall, it tells a good story. There is, though, one moment that will split the fanbase, big time. But I was okay with it.

This is Zack Snyder’s best film to date, no doubt. I did find the orange/teal color scheme distracting at times, but the film is visually breathtaking. Anyone concerned about lack of action can now forget about it. And, trust me, you haven’t seen the best moments yet.

The cast is fantastic. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about any of them and tons of praise to go all around. Henry is amazing from start to finish and Amy Adams is the best Lois Lane we’ve seen on the big screen. I’ll admit that Shannon’s voice bugged me a little at times, but he was a great Zod. Diane Lane was a big surprise for me. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her, but she really did bring something else to the part. She made me weep and laugh and cheer. She’s a scene-stealer without being over the top. I do feel Kevin Costner got the short end of the stick and ended up being underused.

Overall, the movie delivers in all fronts: you’ve never seen action like this before, but, what’s more important, there’s heart. There are a couple of completely gut-wrenching moments and a whole lot of them that will make you smile.

I’m so glad I’m seeing this again in 40 hours.

My final rating? B+.

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