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Will he wear the suit?

As SMALLVILLE wraps up, I am, oddly, reminded of STAR TREK: VOYAGER. Both shows were tasked with keeping a niche network alive and relevant, both shows enjoyed long runs, and both shows split the fans of the parent franchise.

SMALLVILLE has a much better final card to play though. By season 7 of VOYAGER, I sure as hell didn’t much care if they got home, and only Trek loyalty kept me on board to see it through.  SMALLVILLE has similarly disaffected me, and I cannot claim to really like the show all that much, but I am DYING to see the end. It’s been a ten year strip tease, and sometimes the writers have teased really well. If SMALLVILLE can deliver the finale we are all hoping for, a lot will be forgiven.

That finale does, of course, mean seeing Tom Welling as Superman. Welling has grown a lot over the course of the show, and I have really enjoyed his contribution to this character. I want to see him as Superman. I think he’s earned it in the fan’s minds, and I think the fans deserve it. For SMALLVILLE to end without unveiling a genuine Superman would be an horrific abandonment of the show’s mission statement – the man before the Superman – but also the greatest betrayal of a fan base in television history. They surely don’t have the nerve to leave us with the awful trench coat or weird red jacket thing.

In a TVGuide feature, Welling himself weighed in on the matter:

This show, to me, has always been about Clark Kent — it hasn’t been about Superman

Appropriately coy, when of course, there can be no Clark Kent story without Superman. Click on the link to read the rest of the online feature, and pick up the current issue to read the full piece.

Elsewhere, TV LINE  tease about Jor-El’s possible involvement in the finale, EW talk about the finale with the show’s producers (who remain tightlipped whilst also using the word “transformation”) and Tom Welling talks about looking back on the first ever episode with Zap2It.

Finally, over at the CW website, you can see some cool images of Booster Gold and Clark using the phonebox for a quick change. I love sh*t like that.

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