Tyler Hoechlin is now my best (current) Superman

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Tyler Hoechlin is now my best (current) Superman

He doesn’t much look like Superman. He’s quite slight and a little shorter than I’d like. Certainly that’s not helped by how much younger he looks to their Jimmy Olsen. And the costume has more than a whiff of “My Mom made it for me”.

But in this one clip, SUPERGIRL is giving us (in my view) a better Superman than Zack Snyder has managed in two movies. I’m not kidding, I love this clip and let me count the ways: An affected mild mannered Clark Kent who seems to harness much of our farm boy’s genuinely square nature (lickity split? MARRY ME). The most powerful man in the world taking it in the shorts from his boss? A news media which HOPES he’s watching? A MOTHER FUCKING SHIRT RIP?

And then the gentle yet authoritative dialogue. “Need a hand? It’s good to see you”

Warm. Comforting. Heroic. And while like SUPERGIRL in general, the writing isn’t the sharpest or the most subversive, it wins out on tone. I am so thirsty for a non-deconstructed Superman that I got ACTUAL goosebumps watching this.



Let’s see what kind of Superman he turns out to be. On this evidence, I can’t wait.

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