WASTED: the funniest and most foul comedy of the summer

WASTED: the funniest and most foul comedy of the summer

I have a bit of a soft spot for celebrities who play self-aware and heightened versions of themselves. Think William Shatner in FREE ENTERPRISE, and Neil Patrick Harris in HAROLD AND KUMAR. In E4’s new comedy WASTED, Sean Bean pulls off the same delightful trick as a fanboy-weary spirit animal, forced to don his GAME OF THRONES garb and help hapless stoner (Morpheus. Yes really) through the travails of west country life. It’s as awesome as it sounds and yet Bean isn’t even the best thing about this SPACED-esque comedy.

The story of four twenty-something friends who distract themselves from the hum drum of normal life with drink and drug fueled adventures, WASTED is generous with the jokes and varies the delivery. It’s title seemingly alluding to both the debauched manner in which the characters expend their free time as well as their frittered potential. The comedy is mined from surrealist cine-literate sequences like those featuring  aforementioned sending up of Bean and his fans, but it’s also character based comedy in the way the characters rip the piss out of one another. The gags are vernal and visual just as you might expect from the BAFTA winning team behind the truly weird THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL (ask your kids).

Fresh, kinetic, and at times, really rather gross, the first two episodes of WASTED promise a new comedy success for E4 and one for which I will be sticking around till the end of the season.

Wasted starts in the UK this Tuesday (26th July) with a double bill at 10pm on E4. 

Posted by Matt

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