Why Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE is bad news for everyone (except Zack Snyder)

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Why Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE is bad news for everyone (except Zack Snyder)

2020. What a year, huh.

Zack Snyder announced today on his niche social platform that only exists because of Zack Snyder that his (new) version of Justice League will hit the small screens via HBO Max in 2021. It’s been reported that it will take about a year and 20-30M to get it ready (despite us being told repeatedly over the years that the full movie existed) and it will either be a four hour movie, or split into episodes as a series.

Don’t get it twisted, Warner Bros. isn’t doing this for the fans. They aren’t doing this for Zack Snyder. This is a PR stunt. They are launching a new streaming service and the current climate makes it impossible to create new content for the time being. Productions are shut down and there’s no clear timetable to get them up and running again. So what do they do? They throw a relatively small budget at Snyder to finish his version of JL. Business-wise, it’s a solid move. They might be overestimating their worldwide audience, as HBO Max will probably not be available everywhere at once, so, y’know, piracy.

The worst part here, though, is that this move sets a dangerous precedent.

The bullies won. It’s as simple as that. WB just sent the message that it’s okay to harass and berate and you will get rewarded in the end (and if you don’t believe me, go through Joss Whedon’s mentions on Twitter). We’re witnessing the pinnacle of fan entitlement, enabled by a desperate studio that’s dead in the water until they can resume their activities.

So from now on, if you don’t like a movie? Go on Twitter, hashtag it up and be as loud and as toxic as you can. Insult, harass and physically threaten the creative team and anyone who dares stand in the way of what you deserve as a fan.

Snyder isn’t without blame, though. He did everything short of publicly endorsing this toxic behavior. He kept fueling the fire, playing the victim as he posted endless BTS content and winked at a finished film that we now know wasn’t real. He gaslit his fanbase, used them to get some sort of petty, fetish-y ego-driven vindication. Zack Snyder isn’t a wronged auteur being allowed to finish his truncated ouvre. He’s a salty ex that won’t get over a breakup.

Will this Justice League be good? Judging by his prior body of work, doubtful. His cult will no doubt hail it as a masterpiece. I, personally, have no interest or stakes in it. I’m just sad that this time they let the bullies win.

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